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Presently DannyB has 4 of his songs that have been accepted on USA Patriotism's Website:
A Decade Ago,
Now's Our Time,
That Black Wall

Special Ceremonies & Performances

DannyB, owner of DannyB Sound is also a Vietnam Veteran, singer/songwriter and accomplished musician. He is a strong supporter of veterans organizations and supports veterans functions. DannyB performs at many opening ceremonies of the traveling replicas of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and other special events. These ceremonies are honoring our fallen heroes, POW/MIAs and deserve our utmost respect. His songs That Black Wall, Our Soldiers Prayer and We Built The Wall have brought many to tears in attendance, along with a complete repertoire of patriotic songs. These songs all portray honor, respect and dignity to all in attendance.

DannyB strongly promotes the importance of having a professional sound system and presentation that will make the event great. His motto is; attitude, customer focus and experience are key in making a successful event.

DannyB states:

"The stage presentation and sound of the event is the key aspect in keeping it honorable and memorable."

Performances by DannyB

DannyB also performs at many other types fund-raisers. Whether to support our soldiers, veterans, and first responders, to charity fund-raisers and memorials for those veterans who have passed. DannyB's past fund-raisers events can be found on his DannyB Songs website.

The following slide show is set to DannyB's newest song We Remember and is a sampling of ceremonies, events and reunions where he has performed.

More information about DannyB may be found on his musician website, DannyB Songs.com.

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